The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift-poem: Gorgeous reflection of orange tree in water with the sun setting

Dear enchanting Home
Of my diaphanous Heart
May you thrive in Love
As Love is Life’s greatest Art

May this day be one
Of delicate reflection
As we take a brief hiatus
And contemplate our direction

May we consider
Our amazing destiny
While we pause and give thanks
For every bird for every tree

For each tiny grain
Of the ocean’s far-reaching sand
For every intricate insect
In its niche in every land

May we each heed the call
To awaken from our sleep
To return to balance our Home
We’ve been entrusted to keep

For a gift is a kindness
Even if the Giver is unseen
And LIFE is the greatest gift
Whether one is pauper or queen

Won’t you share with me this moment
As the week goes rushing by
To stop in awe-struck gratitude
For the gift of you and I.

Blythe Ayne

First Day of Spring

Sun and moon dance in balanced complement
Delicate clouds sweep down to kiss
The singing flowers
A hummingbird rests on a branch
And tilts her head in rapt delight
Learning the new song.

River rushes over sun-sparked stones
Syncopated percussion
The music pulls
Flowers, grass and leaves
From hibernation
Euphoric, the flowers tumble downhill
In a riot of giggling colors.
                                                    Blythe Ayne

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Crocus in Window with Cat & Birds

Crocus in Window with Cat & Birds


My Heart

Grand Canyon-US dept of the Interior

My Heart is as wide
As the Grand Canyon
When I say “I Love”
I’ve only begun

As Love is a Force
Beyond all others
Where strangers become
Sisters and Brothers

My Heart is as deep
As the Grand Canyon
Plunged into Love
Like deep rivers run

For Love is a Spirit
An eternal Power
In morning’s sunrise
Love’s colors flower

My Heart is as cratered
As the Grand Canyon
Here is a chamber
For everyone

Come my friend
Into my Heart’s Grand Canyon
You’ll be Loved forever
My dear companion.

Blythe Ayne

Happy Valentine’s Day

Cute Cat with heart balloons

It’s Caturday – it’s Valentines Day
It’s two magnificent days in one
May you day be filled with balloons of Love
And endless Caturday fun

May you be utterly Valentined
And may you cats be Valentined too
If there’s not a special “One” in your life
May cupid visit you

May all the Caturday kitties
All the world ‘round and ‘round
Remind us how grateful we are
That we’re the person they found

May this day Love grow as never before
Rising up like heart-shaped balloons
And may we find ourselves singing
Our eternally favorite love tunes….

Because all we need is Love, Love –
Love is all we need…..
Within the flower of gentle Love
We find Love’s ever-manifesting seed.

                               Miss Valentine Kitty 
                               As told to Blythe Ayne

Itty-Bitty Kitty Teaches How to Fly

Flying kitten- shared by Marie Gabriel

If you really want to fly
It’s very easy to do
You think about a birdy
And remember how she flew

Then go to an open field
With your favorite kind of flower
And breathe in their sweet smell
Packed with Life Force power

Next you start to run
Bursting with joy and glee
And soon you’ll start to fly
Just like you see me

Maybe you don’t fathom
The point to learning to fly
But it’s something truly wonderful
And here’s the reason why

When you can clearly picture
Yourself leaving the ground
You’ll believe in all your powers
The lesson is quite profound

But even more exciting
In my flying lessons for you
Is that you can “leave the ground”
In anything you do

You are so amazing
You have power to change the world
Only believe in yourself while imagining
Your wonderful wings unfurled!
                                  Itty-Bitty Kitty’s Wisdom 
                              As shared with Blythe Ayne

An Angel’s Visit

Angel Unawares-6-6-14What if an Angel appeared
Upon your path today
In the midst of your work and your hurry
What would you have to say?

Imagine with me if you will
What this might be like
To see with ordinary vision
An Angel glowing in lightning strike

Would you desire to converse
With this Being from Heaven’s realm
Or would you be stricken silent
By glory overwhelmed?

Trust me my Beloved Friend
In your every breath Angels abide
They lean over you with Love and Care
They are always at your side

There is never a grief nor a trouble
But that Angels are supporting you
If you believe in your Angels
Their presence will come through

You have nothing to lose to call, ”Angels!”
Whenever life’s woes get you down
Your Angels are meant to attend you
As in spirit you wear a crown

How amazing is your own Light
That to an Angel shines like a star
Your Angels are close by you
For them there’s no such thing as far

So be comforted my Friend to know
If you can’t see their realm so near
You are cherished by your Angels
In your Heart may you hold them dear.
Blythe Ayne

Hello 2015


Welcome twenty-fifteen
I’m so glad you came
I’ve been looking forward to your arrival
Your mountains of Joy I claim!

Oh, Twenty-Fifteen
Baby year filled with awe and dreams
May you grow in truth and kindness
May they flow to us in many streams

Let us begin with a pledge of Peace
Let us our Love of Life renew
Let us recall that Thoughts become Things
Holding this truth in all we do

The very best within us
Can well be revealed this year
If we hold ourselves to our heart-felt standards
Remembering – all Life is dear

Most of all, for you, dear friend
I see Peace and Joy abound
Rest in the knowledge of their presence
And they’ll be yours the whole year ’round

In Twenty-Fifteen let us picture
Each of us for the other
Fulfillment of our sweetest intentions
One right after another!

January 1, 2015 — Blythe Ayne