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Lovely Frights for Lonely Nights

It’s a perfect time to read a collection of Lovely Frights for Lonely Nights  Stories to read with someone – or alone, if you dare.

From time travel, to a terrorizing desert Genie (also known as a Jinn), to a man taking a fractal journey into the next life so that a child might be reunited with his mother, these stories take you places you’ve never been and show you things you’ve never seen.

All the tales in Lovely Frights for Lonely Nights have been previously published in print and/or online publications.

3 Scary Stories

Not spooked enough yet? Read 3 Scary Stories to continue the mood. Here’s an excerpt from October Rain, where a traveling salesman finds more than he could ever have dreamed of in a strange and mystical little town in Kansas….

As Layton drove, the hills came closer together, grew steeper, then turned into bluffs. In the fields and along the roadside, out-croppings of gray rocks erupted from the ground like herds of a strange, extinct animal. At times the road became embedded among the sheared rocks, rising up on either side of his car, displaying their age in layers of rose and buff and gray. The layered patterns looked like myriad faces, watching him.

At first the thought amused him, but as the sun cast longer shadows, he became uneasy. He hoped anxiously for a town. Finally he passed a small sign that said Pact, Kansas, lay three miles ahead….

All the tales in 3 Scary Stories have also been previously published in print and/or online publications.

Short genre fiction by Blythe Ayne

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