Romantic Monday – Pen to Heart

Pen to paper
Hand to Heart
Never together
Yet never apart

The Lovers linger
At ether’s door
For words to appear
Never read before

Separation is but
An illusion they find
When being together
Is the power of mind

All that matters
And what prevails
Is Love, true Love
All else pales

But ah! When loneliness
Sits on the heart
Like an unwelcome guest
At a cold unlit hearth

The mind wanders
To days together
In the past, in the future
In lavender and heather

On the breeze of thought
On wings of fire
When to touch your beloved
Is a persistent desire

Oh, Lovers apart
Put pen to heart
Write there the words
You felt from the start!
                               Blythe Ayne

Girl with Her Heart on Fire in the Forest
Thank you Pixabay for the inspiration.

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