Romantic Monday – Pen to Heart

Pen to paper
Hand to Heart
Never together
Yet never apart

The Lovers linger
At ether’s door
For words to appear
Never read before

Separation is but
An illusion they find
When being together
Is the power of mind

All that matters
And what prevails
Is Love, true Love
All else pales

But ah! When loneliness
Sits on the heart
Like an unwelcome guest
At a cold unlit hearth

The mind wanders
To days together
In the past, in the future
In lavender and heather

On the breeze of thought
On wings of fire
When to touch your beloved
Is a persistent desire

Oh, Lovers apart
Put pen to heart
Write there the words
You felt from the start!
                               Blythe Ayne

Girl with Her Heart on Fire in the Forest
Thank you Pixabay for the inspiration.

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First Day of Spring

Sun and moon dance in balanced complement
Delicate clouds sweep down to kiss
The singing flowers
A hummingbird rests on a branch
And tilts her head in rapt delight
Learning the new song.

River rushes over sun-sparked stones
Syncopated percussion
The music pulls
Flowers, grass and leaves
From hibernation
Euphoric, the flowers tumble downhill
In a riot of giggling colors.
                                                    Blythe Ayne

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Crocus in Window with Cat & Birds

Crocus in Window with Cat & Birds


The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift-poem: Gorgeous reflection of orange tree in water with the sun setting

Dear enchanting Home
Of my diaphanous Heart
May you thrive in Love
As Love is Life’s greatest Art

May this day be one
Of delicate reflection
As we take a brief hiatus
And contemplate our direction

May we consider
Our amazing destiny
While we pause and give thanks
For every bird for every tree

For each tiny grain
Of the ocean’s far-reaching sand
For every intricate insect
In its niche in every land

May we each heed the call
To awaken from our sleep
To return to balance our Home
We’ve been entrusted to keep

For a gift is a kindness
Even if the Giver is unseen
And LIFE is the greatest gift
Whether one is pauper or queen

Won’t you share with me this moment
As the week goes rushing by
To stop in awe-struck gratitude
For the gift of you and I.

Blythe Ayne

My Heart

Grand Canyon-US dept of the Interior

My Heart is as wide
As the Grand Canyon
When I say “I Love”
I’ve only begun

As Love is a Force
Beyond all others
Where strangers become
Sisters and Brothers

My Heart is as deep
As the Grand Canyon
Plunged into Love
Like deep rivers run

For Love is a Spirit
An eternal Power
In morning’s sunrise
Love’s colors flower

My Heart is as cratered
As the Grand Canyon
Here is a chamber
For everyone

Come my friend
Into my Heart’s Grand Canyon
You’ll be Loved forever
My dear companion.

Blythe Ayne

Love is the Answer!

Love Is The Answer Beautifully illustrated with black and white images by the author. Volume also includes many of the world’s greatest quotes about the power and the wonder of Love.

Excerpts from Love Is The Answer:

Exponential Increase

Love has a very interesting action – the more it is given away, the more it becomes. The cup of love poured out becomes a bucket, the bucket spills over into a stream, the stream flows into a river, the river fills the oceans – that is the energy of love.

“The love we give away is the only love we keep.”
Elbert Hubbard

Love’s Instinct

There are many things that we know we know, even though we may not know how we know them.

The phone rings, you know it’s Mother or your friend, Mary. Sure enough, even without caller ID, that’s who’s on the other end.

You go to a job interview, and, although there are dozens of applicants, you know you are going to be offered the job. And you are offered the job.

Instinct is simply another word for love. True instinct has one purpose, one intention, and that is to serve you in the best way possible.

And so, too, it is of love.

“There is no instinct like that of the heart.”
Lord Byron