Romantic Monday – Pen to Heart

Pen to paper
Hand to Heart
Never together
Yet never apart

The Lovers linger
At ether’s door
For words to appear
Never read before

Separation is but
An illusion they find
When being together
Is the power of mind

All that matters
And what prevails
Is Love, true Love
All else pales

But ah! When loneliness
Sits on the heart
Like an unwelcome guest
At a cold unlit hearth

The mind wanders
To days together
In the past, in the future
In lavender and heather

On the breeze of thought
On wings of fire
When to touch your beloved
Is a persistent desire

Oh, Lovers apart
Put pen to heart
Write there the words
You felt from the start!
                               Blythe Ayne

Girl with Her Heart on Fire in the Forest
Thank you Pixabay for the inspiration.

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EQUINOX PERSPECTIVE, an Allegory: The Moon & the Stem of Grass

I went for a walk last night in the meadow. After putting in a lo-o-o-n-g 16 hour Saturday writing and doing yard work, I wanted to sit in the light of the perfect half-moon in a clear sky.

I wandered out in the moon’s light to my little 12 inch tall stump in the meadow. My throne. From here I witness untold riches – I watch and listen to the bats swoop and dive, I hear the owls calm conversation back and forth across the forest, I see the deer pass me on their well-worn path.

I looked up at the half-moon on this autumnal equinox, when day and night share, half and half, the 24 hours. In my line of vision about a foot away from me, I noticed one tall grass stalk with a large head of seed, bent over in a perfect half-moon shape. I squinted and lined it up with the moon in my vision. The seed head was the exact shape and size of the moon from my perspective, and precisely covered the moon.

I opened both eyes, there was the moon. I closed one eye, and the moon completely disappeared. Amusing. But also causing me to contemplate PERSPECTIVE.

This stem of grass – if I let it, from that narrow perspective – was able to entirely block out the glorious light of the moon that fell freely upon every single plant, creature and element in my world.

A remarkable metaphor! Do we not sometimes do this in our lives, allow some small, dark, thing that is close to us block the glorious light that sheds freely upon us all? The moon and the stem of grass encourages us to open up both of our eyes – our physical eyes and our metaphysical/spiritual eyes to get perspective, to see clearly.

When was the last time you sat on a stump in a meadow to get clarity on your perspective? It is time. Go now.


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The Jumping Window Shade

January 3, 2010

This morning I tried to convince myself to get up and get to work. But the cat was purring in the crook of my arm, it was dark as pitch outside, and chilly inside. I was so comfortable in my bed.

But then there was a strange sound… some small thing had fallen somewhere in the house. The noise startled the cat. She stopped purring and moved. So I got up to investigate. I opened my bedroom door and saw the narrow window shade that hangs in the long window aside the front door lying on the floor.


I replaced it, and went back to my room to begin my morning meditation and thus, my day.

As I sat silently, I realized that if the window shade had not fallen I would have stayed resting with the cat on this, the first Sunday morning of the year, 2010, and probably fallen back asleep. But the odd – and one might dare to contemplate miraculous – event of the window shade jumping from its spot compelled me to get in motion… and to write this!

Life is full of miracles. Some rowdy, and demanding attention – such as a window shade jumping from its station. And some quietly taken for granted – such as the purring cat in the crook of one’s arm.

My Wish is for a Year of Miracles, both serene and boisterous – and myself in an awakened state to enjoy them.

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Ah! The Mosquito

I read a meditation recently that was sent to me via email, I don’t recall the source, but in it the person wrote that all of God’s creature were divine and had an obvious propose… except the mosquito.

I thought; oh, no, the mosquito is just as divine as any other aspect of creation. I believe the place of the mosquito (along with the other nature-related values it has) is PATIENCE. We can either be calm when mosquitoes are hovering, or freak out – become angry, frustrated, feel disempowered.

Patience teaches us to calmly move through life, to attract what is desired, and not what is not desired. The things, events, people, and creatures that we have a neutral relationship with sail by us, and the things, events, people, and creatures that cause us distress get caught up in the eddies of distress in the river of the self, and we often seem to be dealing with them again and again, when, all the while, the goal is to attract that which we desire.

So let all the mosquitoes in you life hover and buzz – keep you heart and mind focused on your intentions and your desires… and let the insects tend to theirs.