Save Your Life with the Phenomenal Lemon (& Lime!)

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Excerpt from Save Your Life with the Phenomenal Lemon and Lime:

“In the 1. contaminated environment, 2. emotionally stressful, 3. poor diet world we live in – three factors that contribute to your body becoming more acidic – we need all the alkalizing help we can get. Drinking a glass of fresh-squeezed lemon or lime juice with water every day will help your body alkalize to attain a balanced pH.”


“Save Your Life with the Phenomenal Lemon and Lime is packed with dynamite information. By doing lemons every day as instructed in the book, I have noticed I don’t crave sugar and salt like I used to. Other benefits I have noticed are, weight loss, no colds last winter let alone the flu, my face is smoother and younger looking and my sciatica problem has all but disappeared. I just feel better all over.”                              C. G.

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pH Balance & Christmas

What do pH Balance and Christmas have in common?

Hopefully love and care for you and those you love. Save Your Life with the Power of pH Balance is an excellent gift to give this holiday season. It’s easy to read and quickly takes the mystery out of all the things you hear about pH Balance.

Your body – and everybody’s body – wants to be pH balanced. This is the single best, truly affordable, thoughtful gift you can get for everyone on your holiday list – family, friends, co-workers – and don’t forget yourself!

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