Good-bye 2014

Goodby 2014-fireworks-mrwallpaper.comGood-bye Twenty-Fourteen
What a lovely journey it’s been
I’ve had a few adventures
I’ve made new and wonderful friends

As the last moments
Of your presence fades from sight
Let me send with you my gratitude
Before you disappear into the night

For how precious is the Gift of Time
One might even say
It is the only Gift of Life
Granted day by day

In every fleeting moment
You may find your Heart’s Desire
The reason for Living is Loving
Love sets the Soul afire

The thrill of Life is to discover
Love’s amazing eternal power
By being present in the moment
And in every mysterious hour

Will you pause with me a while
To thank Twenty-Fourteen
For all its gifts and revelations
That a year ago could not be foreseen!

Blythe Ayne — December 31, 2014