Ah! The Mosquito

I read a meditation recently that was sent to me via email, I don’t recall the source, but in it the person wrote that all of God’s creature were divine and had an obvious propose… except the mosquito.

I thought; oh, no, the mosquito is just as divine as any other aspect of creation. I believe the place of the mosquito (along with the other nature-related values it has) is PATIENCE. We can either be calm when mosquitoes are hovering, or freak out – become angry, frustrated, feel disempowered.

Patience teaches us to calmly move through life, to attract what is desired, and not what is not desired. The things, events, people, and creatures that we have a neutral relationship with sail by us, and the things, events, people, and creatures that cause us distress get caught up in the eddies of distress in the river of the self, and we often seem to be dealing with them again and again, when, all the while, the goal is to attract that which we desire.

So let all the mosquitoes in you life hover and buzz – keep you heart and mind focused on your intentions and your desires… and let the insects tend to theirs.