Owl Be Seeing You

I go to a dream group twice a month, and thank goodness too, because that’s where I get my centering, my balance, my clarity about what’s going on in the so-called “real world” by the insights my guru dream partners share with me.

Interestingly, I frequently have luminous, numinous experiences on my drive back home after these often late-into-the-night meetings. The first meeting in January was one such occasion. As I drove down the little road that leads to my home, the moon bright in a cold, clear sky, myself deep in thought, I was startled by a gigantic bird flying directly in front of my headlights, at headlight level.

I immediately realized it was huge owl, and I stopped, having seen it land in the leafless Alder beside the road. I peered up. There the owl sat on a low branch, inside the light of my headlights, as if he knew he would come to no harm from me. I looked at him, awe-struck. Owl-struck. Having never seen an owl so open and nonchalant in my entire life, I dared to slowly get out of my car and approach the tree. The owl watched me, his head moving smoothly on it ball-bearings, around, around, keeping his eyes on me.

When I stood a mere five feet from him him I said, “Well… what?

He studied me for a few moments longer, perhaps trying to give me the answer… the “WHAT” of it all.

Then slowly, with a graceful bow of the the tree branch, he rose, lazily sweeping his gigantic, stunning wings through the new year air, disappearing among the trees of the forest.