The Mystical Myst

Last night, as I drove home, the three-quarters moon was as bright in a clear sky as if it were a full moon. As I came along the Washougal River, a mist rose from it like a pure white, mystical, fifty foot tall wall. This was the most beautiful, yet impenetrable, mist I’ve ever seen… lighted directly overhead by the moon, giving it the stunning illusion of physical substance.

Not only was this such a magical sight that I nearly drove off the road, but it was uncannily serendipitous….

In my reading yesterday of Michael Bernard Beckwith’s SPIRITUAL LIBERATION, he wrote that after the world was created, there arose a mist.

Now, this mist was always explained to me as a physical parting of, in simplified terms, wet matter and dry matter, or (again, very simplistically) water and land. Which may be the case. But Michael Beckwith added to that understanding by pointing out that numerous holy books define The Mist as the mist of illusion that comes between us and “the real” in order to make this three dimensions appear to be reality.

This mist is called maya in Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism. Maya manifests and maintains the illusion, the dream of duality in what our senses perceive to be the phenomenal Universe. The goal of enlightenment is to understand maya, to see, sense, know, learn, intuit, and/or understand that a separation between the self and All That Is is a false duality.

Oh! But what a beautiful mist is maya! What a myst-ical myst! Live and love every moment of the illusion with joy and delight. You brought yourself here, to this dream, on purpose, don’t sleepwalk through it!

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