House of Tree

Come into the forest
Take a walk with me
I’d like you to be my guest
At my little House of Tree

You and I will have
The most enchanting time
When you visit my darling home
Made of rock and wood and rhyme

I will serve you my phenomenal
Leaf and magic pie
All ingredients of the forest
From elf-moss earth to fairy sky

I mix it all together
With incantations of peace and love
While the dryads add their healing
From roots below and twigs above

You will never want to leave
My charming House of Tree
You will find it beyond delightful
To enjoy leaf pie and drink moss tea

And I? I will be so happy
If your dreams in my forest come true
Because my fondest wish is always
That LOVE surrounds all you be and do

So, look up into the sky
Wherever you may be
And wish with all your heart
To visit my House of Tree

In a twinkling you’ll be here
Before you can blink your eyes
I’m now gathering the ingredients
For Autumn magic leaf pies.

Blythe Ayne


Kitty Luau

I’m having a summer party
‘Cause I can’t let summer go
It’s a kitty luau
For cool cats in the know

You’re invited to my luau
Please wear flowers and shades
Bring your joie de vivre
And come just as evening fades

We’ll dance and eat and party
We’ll sing and caterwaul
In short, we’ll have a blast
At our endless summer ball

Cool cats, and doggies too
Are welcome at my home
Paying homage to summer
Under the sky’s starry dome.

Invitation to: Blythe Ayne
From: Miss Kitty