Social Media & Saving Planet Earth

We have always found it essential to communicate with one another. Whether beating out messages on drums in the jungle, sending smoke signals on a hillside, tapping out the sound of dots and dashes on a telegraph wire or coordinating billions upon billions of bits of information with zeros and ones, we have been about communication, about being social.

Study any anthill or beehive. There you’ll see a kind of prototype, a little tiny mirror of our own species. Busy, busy, busy – touching antenna, gaining information and sending it on.

Science has shown that we have grey matter in our fingertips, and it seems that we’re proving it. Thinking and communicating at the speed of thumbs. Ah, our lovely, opposable thumbs!

Now it’s time to use the suddenly-upon-us-virtually-miraculous social media to Save Our Planet.

Use your thumbs for good!

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