No Such Thing as Loneliness!

I love this quiet time in the morning when I meditate, keeping companionship with myself, and hooking up to the energies swirling around….

The energies of velvety night, softly fraying at the edges of the branches of the trees and the bowl of the horizon into a gentle, delicate, purple lace, the slow, soft “drip, drip” off a gutter outside my open window letting me know it rained a little in the night, my warm blankets and fluffy pillow that I have myself propped among, typing away, looking forward to this day, planning it out in my mind.

I engage in the energies of meditation, where I consciously breathe, letting thoughts float up and out until my mind is still as a placid lake. When I return from this whole/holy, connection, I once again engage my senses, and I now hear the morning birds, calling up the sun. Ah!… yes, thank you little birds, there will be another day!

As I revel in this glorious solitude, where so much is happening and I am profoundly not alone among all these creative energies as they flow about me – the lacy trees, the refreshing rain, the companionable birds, the myriad thrilling mental engagements of the day – I cannot imagine being lonely, and I wonder at people who say they are.

How can one ever be lonely if truly engaged in life? And why have life if not to fully engage in it? Your soul knew a purpose when coming to this life, and loneliness is nowhere in that contract.

Glorious solitude is central to the experience – within solitude you discover who you are. You can make the choice to fall in love with yourself and with LIFE anew, every single day!

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