Love Your Elephant – Don’t Eat It

I’m busy enough teaching college and writing my books, but….

I dare say that many if not most of you have by now heard about the fire storm around GoDaddy CEO, Bob Parsons, murdering an elephant. I’m not interested in feeding that negative energy with more rant. Suffice it to say that as I’ve been working on my novel titled My Elephant Life for some months, I’d likely be among the scores of people who are appalled by this entire fiasco.

Many years ago, before the dawn of history… well, okay, before the turn of the century, when I was researching web hosts, I, like everyone in the same boat, sailed into the ubiquitous GoDaddy. At the very outset I refused to sign up with that web host simply because of its overall icky “seedy side of Reno” appearance.

GoDaddy did not look professional.

I’m glad I stood by my initial intuition and continued searching.

The web host I finally settled on, and have been very happy that I did, is Bluehost. The staff there is always available, polite and patient. Their web presence is professional. They provide a control panel of dozens and dozens of readily accessible components to make your web presence sing. Buehost offers excellent and easy WordPress hosting, which means you can have a beautiful blog up and running in minutes.

There are many other glowing compliments I could make about Bluehost, but check them out for yourself. They just keep growing and keep getting better. If you decide to move, Bluehost will be very helpful in assisting you.

And, bonus: Bluehost president Matt Heaton has considerably more class than to brag to the world about murdering elephants.