Hello 2015

Hello 2015-fireworks-mrwallpaper.com

Welcome twenty-fifteen
I’m so glad you came
I’ve been looking forward to your arrival
Your mountains of Joy I claim!

Oh, Twenty-Fifteen
Baby year filled with awe and dreams
May you grow in truth and kindness
May they flow to us in many streams

Let us begin with a pledge of Peace
Let us our Love of Life renew
Let us recall that Thoughts become Things
Holding this truth in all we do

The very best within us
Can well be revealed this year
If we hold ourselves to our heart-felt standards
Remembering – all Life is dear

Most of all, for you, dear friend
I see Peace and Joy abound
Rest in the knowledge of their presence
And they’ll be yours the whole year ’round

In Twenty-Fifteen let us picture
Each of us for the other
Fulfillment of our sweetest intentions
One right after another!

January 1, 2015 — Blythe Ayne