Ides of January

Happy Ides of January….

May your 2010 be filled with Miracles and Joy!

Love is The Answer

Valentine’s Day is a month from today, and there two things I like to celebrate –

Any occasion to be happy

Any occasion to express love.

I’m talking about Agape Love – Unconditional Love and Metta Love – Universal Love. The love that flows through all of Creation, filled with the source, force, flow, feeling, energy, attitude, desire, gratitude and love of LOVE.

So, instead of having only a day of celebrating romantic love, why not have a month of celebrating all forms, feelings, and states-of-being of love? (Or even better, a life time of celebrating love!)

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Love Is The Answer is filled with love. A perfect gift to give to anyone you love!


The Promise of Spring

This morning I smelled spring in the air.

I know, it’s early – not even the Ides of January yet. But spring floated on the air, just the same. 6:45 a.m., 45 degrees F, the deck door slightly ajar. In stole the scent of spring on thin, delicate feet, tip-toeing through the forest high in the fir trees, pirouetting across the meadow, and slinking in through the narrow opening of my door.

Yes, winter could return. But the promise of the ages came into my room early this morning – the fresh, loamy aroma of LIFE waking up in the earth, of the long-dream hibernation coming to an end, of a hunger for new fruits.

Something new is afoot.

Wake Up!

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pH Balance & Christmas

What do pH Balance and Christmas have in common?

Hopefully love and care for you and those you love. Save Your Life with the Power of pH Balance is an excellent gift to give this holiday season. It’s easy to read and quickly takes the mystery out of all the things you hear about pH Balance.

Your body – and everybody’s body – wants to be pH balanced. This is the single best, truly affordable, thoughtful gift you can get for everyone on your holiday list – family, friends, co-workers – and don’t forget yourself!

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