Save Your Life with the Phenomenal Lemon (& Lime!)

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Excerpt from Save Your Life with the Phenomenal Lemon and Lime:

“In the 1. contaminated environment, 2. emotionally stressful, 3. poor diet world we live in – three factors that contribute to your body becoming more acidic – we need all the alkalizing help we can get. Drinking a glass of fresh-squeezed lemon or lime juice with water every day will help your body alkalize to attain a balanced pH.”


“Save Your Life with the Phenomenal Lemon and Lime is packed with dynamite information. By doing lemons every day as instructed in the book, I have noticed I don’t crave sugar and salt like I used to. Other benefits I have noticed are, weight loss, no colds last winter let alone the flu, my face is smoother and younger looking and my sciatica problem has all but disappeared. I just feel better all over.”                              C. G.

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5 Minute Stories

Dear Readers,

I’ve never mentioned in my blog that I’ve had many, many short stories published in both print and online. I’ve brought together a few of my previously published stories in a collection titled: 5 Minute Stories.

These are delicate stories of a young girl growing up on the Nebraska prairie. Take a break from this rush-rush world and enjoy visiting another place with a quieter pace.

Heartwarming 5 Minute Stories, with gentle family values, also makes a special gift when it appears on the eReader of someone you love.

I’d love to hear which of the Minute stories is your favorite – you can also go to Amazon and download the stories individually.

Thank you for stopping by!

5 Minute Stories, by Blythe Ayne

5 Minute Stories, by Blythe Ayne

Social Media & Saving Planet Earth

We have always found it essential to communicate with one another. Whether beating out messages on drums in the jungle, sending smoke signals on a hillside, tapping out the sound of dots and dashes on a telegraph wire or coordinating billions upon billions of bits of information with zeros and ones, we have been about communication, about being social.

Study any anthill or beehive. There you’ll see a kind of prototype, a little tiny mirror of our own species. Busy, busy, busy – touching antenna, gaining information and sending it on.

Science has shown that we have grey matter in our fingertips, and it seems that we’re proving it. Thinking and communicating at the speed of thumbs. Ah, our lovely, opposable thumbs!

Now it’s time to use the suddenly-upon-us-virtually-miraculous social media to Save Our Planet.

Use your thumbs for good!

Save Your Life with the Power of pH Balance Have you heard people talk about the importance of pH balance, but you don’t really know what they’re talking about?

Because pH balance is so very important to your health and the health of the planet, I read everything I could get my hands on and distilled it down to this one very easy to read and understand book.

So affordable and truly could contribute to saving your life or the life of someone you love.

Love Is The Answer is filled with love. A perfect gift to give to anyone you love!


The Mystical Myst

Last night, as I drove home, the three-quarters moon was as bright in a clear sky as if it were a full moon. As I came along the Washougal River, a mist rose from it like a pure white, mystical, fifty foot tall wall. This was the most beautiful, yet impenetrable, mist I’ve ever seen… lighted directly overhead by the moon, giving it the stunning illusion of physical substance.

Not only was this such a magical sight that I nearly drove off the road, but it was uncannily serendipitous….

In my reading yesterday of Michael Bernard Beckwith’s SPIRITUAL LIBERATION, he wrote that after the world was created, there arose a mist.

Now, this mist was always explained to me as a physical parting of, in simplified terms, wet matter and dry matter, or (again, very simplistically) water and land. Which may be the case. But Michael Beckwith added to that understanding by pointing out that numerous holy books define The Mist as the mist of illusion that comes between us and “the real” in order to make this three dimensions appear to be reality.

This mist is called maya in Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism. Maya manifests and maintains the illusion, the dream of duality in what our senses perceive to be the phenomenal Universe. The goal of enlightenment is to understand maya, to see, sense, know, learn, intuit, and/or understand that a separation between the self and All That Is is a false duality.

Oh! But what a beautiful mist is maya! What a myst-ical myst! Live and love every moment of the illusion with joy and delight. You brought yourself here, to this dream, on purpose, don’t sleepwalk through it!

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Grace and Awe

It’s been a rocky road of late. Though I’m always filled with gratitude and love, I’ve been having my mettle tested. Every day, as I deal with the seemingly burgeoning challenges, I tell myself I’m up to it, or they would not occur.

Enter Michael Bernard Beckwith’s SPIRITUAL LIBERATION, which I’m reading for the second time every morning in my meditation. A few days ago when everything I’ve been dealing with was coming to a full crisis, I read:

“As a spiritual warrior, my courage to face all that is required for my transformation is embodied with grace and ease.

“This prayer is responded to by universal law.

“Beyond reasoning, intellect, and appearance, I make room for a great transformation to unfold and express through me.

“From this moment on, everything unfolds in a magnificent way. I release myself into the great excellence.”

I was so moved by this passage, but especially the first sentence, that I decided to memorize it and take it into my day – or my future – as a mantra. Interestingly, this is what I heard myself repeating:

“As a spiritual warrior, my courage to face all that is required for my transformation is embodied with grace and awe.”

I said it a few times before I realized that something was different, but I wasn’t sure what. I went back to the book and saw that I had spontaneously replaced the word “ease” with “awe.”

How interesting, I mused. My own intelligence is telling me to have a sense of awe about my challenges, my courage and my transformation.

Leading me on a path of considering what this meant… which I share, extremely briefly, here. I came to realize it told me to feel awe in being presented with such challenges as would manifest a profound transformation. Further, to acknowledge my challenges with reverence.

And so, with awe, as well as grace and ease, I accept my tempering and expanding challenges.

What if you encountered you challenges with grace and awe? How would your life shift?

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No Such Thing as Loneliness!

I love this quiet time in the morning when I meditate, keeping companionship with myself, and hooking up to the energies swirling around….

The energies of velvety night, softly fraying at the edges of the branches of the trees and the bowl of the horizon into a gentle, delicate, purple lace, the slow, soft “drip, drip” off a gutter outside my open window letting me know it rained a little in the night, my warm blankets and fluffy pillow that I have myself propped among, typing away, looking forward to this day, planning it out in my mind.

I engage in the energies of meditation, where I consciously breathe, letting thoughts float up and out until my mind is still as a placid lake. When I return from this whole/holy, connection, I once again engage my senses, and I now hear the morning birds, calling up the sun. Ah!… yes, thank you little birds, there will be another day!

As I revel in this glorious solitude, where so much is happening and I am profoundly not alone among all these creative energies as they flow about me – the lacy trees, the refreshing rain, the companionable birds, the myriad thrilling mental engagements of the day – I cannot imagine being lonely, and I wonder at people who say they are.

How can one ever be lonely if truly engaged in life? And why have life if not to fully engage in it? Your soul knew a purpose when coming to this life, and loneliness is nowhere in that contract.

Glorious solitude is central to the experience – within solitude you discover who you are. You can make the choice to fall in love with yourself and with LIFE anew, every single day!

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