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5 Minute Stories

5 Minute Stories are delicate, charming and luminescent short stories about a little girl nick-named Minute who lives on an acreage on the Nebraska prairie.

Minute’s love of her horse, Banner, the excitement of big events in her life such as the state fair and seeing the Aurora Borealis, along with the sweetness of mundane events – going shopping with her father or sharing a bread-making day with her mother – all touch the heart with their transparent simplicity.

Minute’s experiences and relationships perhaps remind us all of our first life experiences, while her guileless, childlike insights take us all back to a wonder-filled childhood.

Referred to by a reviewer as “the real story of Oz,” 5 Minute Stories prove, once again, “there’s no place like home.”

And – once again – the truth of that statement is found in the Heartlands.


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