The Patterns of Life

Rain drops on leaf

When rain falls
Upon the leaf
Each drop enlarges
In strong relief

The patterns of life
That are etched there
The love, the pain
The joy, the care

Do not avoid the storm
And the rain
But study, instead
The path of each vein

To treasure the beauty
In each drop of rain
That flowers in wisdom
From each moment of pain

To see where you’re going
From where you’ve been
You can make paths
That are joyous again.

Blythe Ayne

A Prayer of Love for Animals

Now is the perfect moment
To love all the creatures dear
As we never know how much longer
They will be with us here

All of our animal friends
Give our lives sweet meaning
Whether chasing a ball in the yard
Or their lovely feathers preening

Whether far, far away
In some exotic, distant land
Or right in your back yard
Under your loving hand

I thank you darling Nature
For all the gifts you’ve bestowed
For the stunning array of creatures
From jungle heat to arctic cold

For all the moments of joy
My own little friends provide
When the evening shades fall
Sitting right here by my side.

Blythe Ayne

The Moons

The moons will lead me to you
As I sail across the seas
Adrift, yet filled with wonder
Led by evocative sea breeze

What ocean came between us
As we sailed on waters clear
What darkness cleft our journey
When we held each other dear?

Oh moons, splendid moons
Aligned near and far in the sky
I pray you, guide my ship
To unite my Love and I

Oh gorgeous tempest ocean
Oh tall ship on fiery seas
Oh dual moons soaring above
Eternal God-wrought frieze

You may think I’m but a tiny creature
Small and powerless in your net
But I have vast Power with Love
And my Dream will triumph yet

As I bring together Forces
That first set the worlds in motion
I will reach my destination
Love’s shore across the ocean.

Blythe Ayne